Senior Devops Engineer


We are offering a job where:

  • You are responsible for the operational management of our DMZ and streaming infrastructure. This covers several domains like databases, webservers, network, video-encoders, application servers, cloud and on premise infrastructure.
  • You are a member of the cross functional development teams to support development and delivery with platforms, tools, guidelines and operational best practices.
  • You support the organization by collaborating with our business owners from ideation over solution proposals and implementations towards an operational, maintainable master-piece.
  • You are part of third line support. The better systems are setup, the less second line is your early morning alarm clock.
  • You support the second line support team by defining and documenting the procedures to keep the lights on and maintaining high quality services.
  • You contribute to the further automation and modernization of our environment, processes and reporting.
Je profiel: 


  • A great communicator, able to share technical ideas to business users and other teams.
  • Able to handle a fast-paced work environment, deadlines and new challenges.
  • Focused on quality of delivery and long term sustainability of the solutions you deliver, even under delivery pressure.
  • Able to both collaborate with team members and to work independently.
  • Hungry to embrace current and emerging technologies.
  • Proud for the quality of your work and the value it delivers to the users.


  • Devops activities and mindset as well as an operational excellence and are ready for participating in the entire service lifecycle of the technology stack, ie.
    • from design
    • through the development process
    • to production support


  • Continuous integration tools like Jenkins, Hudson and/or Bamboo.
  • Configuration management tools like Ansible (in particular) and/or Puppet, Chef.
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and Open-Source software.
  • Scripting languages like Bash and Python.
  • Versioning systems like git or Subversion.
  • Virtualization and containerization and the related tools like Docker, Vagrant and /or VMware.
  • Configuring webservers (nginx/apache), caching (varnish) , loadbalancers (haproxy), databases (mysql, mongodb).
  • Cloud-computing techniques, on-demand computing platform, cloud provisioning, computing management and application deployment.
  • You are able to validate the quality through software architecture an infrastructure reviews and the use of tools such as for load testing.


  • A Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related field (or combined with related experience)
  • Minimum 5 years of Devops experience.
  • Solid knowledge to express yourself in Dutch and/or English.


  • A passion for applications and innovations in online media.
  • Experience in working in and leading Agile teams.
  • Performance tuning (e.g. Varnish, Memcached, Nginx, Solr)
  • Automated testing experience (e.g. Behat)
  • Javascript library knowledge (e.g. jQuery, Angular, React, Ember, etc.)


  • A company culture driven bij people who make THE difference, empowerment, ownership, flexibility and wellbeing.
  • Many challenges in a fast-paced and innovative business.
  • TEAM driven projects
  • Personal growth
  • An attractive remuneration package including a company car and fringe benefits